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The Positive Things

We’ve always wanted, but wanting it now (-then and there), is something that has emerged with how our perception of time has changed. Relativity no longer needs to be explained with Einstein’s hot cinder example as we’re experiencing it every second of every day ourselves. Good things come to those who wait – or so we were taught. The Hindi adage “sabr ka fal meethaa hota hai” seems like just a colloquial way of asking someone to wait a little longer because they are failing at that instant. A sense of fulfillment without any delay or deferment is the need of the hour and examples for such can be found scattered across disciplines.
Take cricket for instance, It’s been eternity since I sat down to watch a test match, but I must have seen countless T20’s just over the past year. Waiting for 5 days or so for the result of a match seems too long a wait and even in T20’s, we would prefer the chasing team to just get it over with, hopefully with a barrage of – getting you faster to the target- 4’s and 6’s. Sitting through a T20 match with time also has started to feel like a pain and in the middle of it all, I probably open 100 plus apps on my android, squeeze every last post on my social media feed, start a controversy or two, check out that hot friend suggestion and probably still be bored enough to switch channels and listen to a song or two. All this whilst I’m still ‘technically’ watching the match.
Our attention span is the size of a sesame seed and if something isn’t providing us gratification now, its simply not worth investing time to. Our minds take off as soon as we aren’t provided with the gratification that we need – to keep us hooked, engaged and bound.
No wonder advertisements are becoming shorter and shorter in duration with new techniques evolving including spots as short as 6 seconds being rolled out. 6 seconds – that’s what the ad world thinks our attention span is down to!
We do not want to play the waiting game – if we want something, we want it now or never. The Hindi film hero has become the quintessential man-child who wants the girl ASAP and showcases stalker behavior, and the girl seems okay with it after a couple of meetings? Where’s the romance? The longing? The wait isn’t worth it anymore! There’s something seriously wrong with what we’ve become and what is being shown to us with which we are surprisingly okay with.
To put simply, the difference lies in our changing abilities – we no longer seem capable of (or at-least are losing the capacity of) longing. Instead, we crave. Craving seems to replace longing and patience is just a word people are mindlessly adding to their resumes. Indulging even in short term pain for the trade off called pleasure is sadly overtaken our abilities to invest in the long term. It’s like buying a car for the pickup rather than the mileage! Zero to hundred in 4 seconds comes with a cost – something that we no longer have the ability to gauge.

“Instant Gratification” is screwing us over and we are enjoying the process- maybe because it is screwing us NOW!!!

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Ghar se Daftar, Daftar se Ghar !!



Ghar se Daftar, Daftar se Ghar
Kahne ko to Choti, par khud me bhot Anokhi

Kahi Bus to kahi Train
Kahi Auto to kahi Van

Koi Bike pe to koi Car pe Sawaar
Koi Metro to koi Paidal hi Taiyaar

Kisi ki Pass to kisi ki Door
Kisi ki Chahat to koi Majboor

Koi bhot Khush to koi hai Niras
Kiski Akhari to kisiki pahli Ahasas

Kahi Thandi to koi Garmi se Behaal
Kuch Ajeeb sa ye Bich ka Antraal

Kisi ki Subh to kisi ki Sham
Kisi ka Jana hua Safaar to kisi ka Anjaan

Koi sahi se pahuche to uska pura
Koi bich me mile kisi Anhoni se to uska Adhura

Kisi ke Deri ka karan, Banana kisi ka Sahara
Kisi ke Deri ka karan, Ghumna yuhi Awara

Koi pahuch kam karne ko Taiyaar
Koi pahuch kisi se milne ko Taiyaar

Koi pahuch khud ko chahe Sabit karna
Koi pahuch khud se kahe kab aega samay apna

Is Safaar ki Kahaani bhot hai Bari
Is Safaar ki Kahaani bhot hai Bari

Kahne ko to Choti, Par khud me bhot Anokhi
Ghar se Daftar, Daftar se Ghar!!

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I Am Not Your Hero



Unlike what I use to sing for you the song from the movie Desi Boyzz titled “Mein Tera Hero”, my perception has changed now with time. I knew when we started dating that I was an imperfect, but then I had the false notion that you have accepted me with the imperfection,which was an inseparable part of me. But with time your actions and silence have ripped my soul apart into pieces.

I have had enough of your crap… I have taken responsibility of a lot of wrong doings in which, quite frankly, I had no role to play. But then it’s enough now. Let me just say it to you “I am not your hero”.. Yes you heard it right. I repeat “I am not your hero”. Staying with you I have realised that I can’t be good to each and every person in the world. There are people and places where I have to show the dark side of mine. It can be a random stranger or it can be someone I use to love (you).

So, to you all reading this I must tell you what I have learnt from life – There are moments when you have to be harsh on people, that doesn’t make you a villain, but it shapes you as a man. Likewise, in a relationship too you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs. These things are meant to teach you emotional management. Unless you have gone through a breakup you don’t become fit in this survival of the fittest world.

Ya it’s true that “Wo aashiq hi kya jo ishq mein barbaad na howe”. But for a moment think about it why to say you have fallen in love. Why not say you have risen in love. This could add a different  flavor to your life. Be a hero in your own eyes. No matter what happens you should not fail being a HERO of your own life.

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Finding Love



I didn’t found that one lover
Whom I can trust blindly
I’ve found many two faced people

I haven’t found that love
Where my injury becomes her pain
I’ve found many heartless people

I tried to find that one like mad
Only one in this whole world
I didn’t found anyone
God is also not helping me
I fear of being heart broken

Please come, my dear one
Please come don’t go, my love


I look here & there
Wherever I look, I see the whole world
No one is looking for love
Everyone is interested in just the body

Someone, please find her
Someone like heer or laila
Who just talks about soul
And not about the money
Nobody is wiping my tears
When my eyes are full of tears


He says, I’m yours she says, I’m yours
People who says this with swearing
They are the first one to go
Who run away from death

Whatever time has gone by
It was full of sorrow
But now I am done
Leaving the search undone
She had to go, it was meant to be
I am happy, single and free.

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