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Tum Hi to The



The positive things

Dilo me armaan jiske liye dabe pade the,

Jo Aaino se rubaroo hokar,

ghanto hum jinse baatein kiya krte the,

chor aate the apne ghar ki galliyan ,

Hum chalte chalte ,

Wo tum hi to the,

Ha ! wo tum hi to the,

Jo meri khayalo se chalkar mujhe,

Dur le jaya karti thi,

Anjane raaste pe,

Wo raaste jo khatam hone ka naam hi nai leti thi,

Rukne bhi nai deti thi,

Thakne bhi nai deti thi,

Wo tum hi to the.

Wo tum hi to the,

jo aksar meri neendo me aakar ,

Mujhe jaga deti thi,

Khuli aankho se mujhe sapne dikha deti thi,

Wo tum hi to the,

nadi ke kinare ke ek patthar ne,

Shikayat ki thi mujhe tere bare me,

maine utha kar use pani me fek diya tha,

Bhanwar si aayi thi mere dil me,

Yaad hai mujhe,

Kyuki wo patthar mere hi dil ke samundar me giri thi,

Wo tum hi to the ,

jisne meri dhadkan rok di thi ,

Muskura kar,

marna acha laga tha mujhe ,

teri muskan pe,

Kyuki wo tum hi to the,

Ha mjhe yaad hai,

Wo tum hi to the.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Saurabh

    November 14, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Lots of grief embedded in your heart!!

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Hua to kuch bhi nhi,

par zindagi thodi badal si gyi hai…

Tere aane ke intezaar main,

bas uhi chal si rhi hain,

Dekhte hai ye waqt kab tak sath nahi deta..

Kabhi – kabhi is waqt ki bhi raahe kuch badal si rahi hai…

Aahiste chal aey zindagi kuch dard mitane baki hai ,

Kuch karz mitane baki hai…

Kuch farz nibhane baki hai ,

Hua to kuch bhi nhi,

Bass zindagi thodi badal si gyi hai…

Log meri khamoshi dekhkar aksar puchte hai ,

Aur hum naadan un logo se yhi kahte hai.

Hua to kuch bhi nahi bas zindagi thodi badal si gayi hai…

Beparwah bewajah anjani raho pe chal si rhi hai…


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Vo, Jo Sirf Sapno Mai Aati Hai !



Intezaar to tha hi unka,
Saath mai talash bhi thi.
Aakhir ek din to aaenge hi,
Dil Mai ye aas bhi thi.

Yaad to naa aati unki,
Kyon ki unko ab tak bhul hi na paaye the,
Vo chaand si chamak, vo Surya si urja,
Uss khubsoorati ke Swarg se nikal hi na paaye the.

Ab chehre pe to kya hi likhu,
Shabd thodi sundarta ko samjha payenge.
Saamne jo aajaye kisike,
Unse nazre bhala kaise hata payenge?

Aawaz to aisi hai maano,
Koyal se meethe bol kehti hai.
Kitna bhi bol jaaye, par yahi lagta hai,
Vo itna chup-chup kyo Rehti hai?

Par ab to intezaar bhi lamba ho rha hai,
Talash bhi khatm hone ko aayi hai.
Na jaane kitne hi mausam beet gaye lekin,
Unse ek bhi naa mulaqat hone paayi hai.

Magar sabr ka fal meetha hota hai,
Isi soch ke saath hum bhi jeeya krenge.
Ek din to mulaqat hogi unse,
Iss iltejah ke saath, unhe yaad hi kr liya krenge.

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I Am Not Your Hero



Unlike what I use to sing for you the song from the movie Desi Boyzz titled “Mein Tera Hero”, my perception has changed now with time. I knew when we started dating that I was an imperfect, but then I had the false notion that you have accepted me with the imperfection,which was an inseparable part of me. But with time your actions and silence have ripped my soul apart into pieces.

I have had enough of your crap… I have taken responsibility of a lot of wrong doings in which, quite frankly, I had no role to play. But then it’s enough now. Let me just say it to you “I am not your hero”.. Yes you heard it right. I repeat “I am not your hero”. Staying with you I have realised that I can’t be good to each and every person in the world. There are people and places where I have to show the dark side of mine. It can be a random stranger or it can be someone I use to love (you).

So, to you all reading this I must tell you what I have learnt from life – There are moments when you have to be harsh on people, that doesn’t make you a villain, but it shapes you as a man. Likewise, in a relationship too you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs. These things are meant to teach you emotional management. Unless you have gone through a breakup you don’t become fit in this survival of the fittest world.

Ya it’s true that “Wo aashiq hi kya jo ishq mein barbaad na howe”. But for a moment think about it why to say you have fallen in love. Why not say you have risen in love. This could add a different  flavor to your life. Be a hero in your own eyes. No matter what happens you should not fail being a HERO of your own life.

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