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Tips to Maintain Healthy Relationship



Life is running very fast, everyone is busy in their own life race. Nobody is there to think about a personal relationship and public relationship. Very few people are now who can tell that they are having their job and still enjoying with their childhood friends. People got engaged so badly in their busy schedule that they have no time to remember their friends or family or their society. Yes, we can understand their problems, it is obvious that things are looking pretty when you have food to feed yourself and a bank balance. Today bank balance is the only thing which makes our life balance. Jokes apart here I have discussed 5 points, you should follow to maintain a healthy relationship with your family, friends, and society.


Leave Bed Early:

This is the most important part of life. Your 50 % worries will get deleted when you get a habit of rising early in morning. It is not a magic but it will give you time to think and restrain your brain. So schedule your day in the morning, a peaceful mind of the morning will give you an effective time management.


Leave Your Ego:

Ego is the worst thing in the life of a human, so leave your ego today so that people could remember you forever. Nobody is going to praise you after your death for your ego. So start to make your face smiling.


Expect Nothing:

Expect nothing from anybody, this is the most hurting thing when anybody will not fulfill your expectation. Just do your duty, as a human body you should do your duty towards your nature and people. This thing makes you happy.


Use Social Media:

Use social media to connect with your friends and family, Share your happiness with them there. But remember with your known friends only. I know social media is not good for us but what you can do the same platform is also providing your connection with your friends and family so take the useful part of this not harmful.


Make few Hours for them each week:

When you are in business or job, I know it is very difficult to make few hours, but try to buy some time for yourself and plan a meeting with your friends or plan a dinner with your family. This is the most relaxing exercise you have ever done. Do this practice and comment me if you are getting upset.


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I Am Not Your Hero



Unlike what I use to sing for you the song from the movie Desi Boyzz titled “Mein Tera Hero”, my perception has changed now with time. I knew when we started dating that I was an imperfect, but then I had the false notion that you have accepted me with the imperfection,which was an inseparable part of me. But with time your actions and silence have ripped my soul apart into pieces.

I have had enough of your crap… I have taken responsibility of a lot of wrong doings in which, quite frankly, I had no role to play. But then it’s enough now. Let me just say it to you “I am not your hero”.. Yes you heard it right. I repeat “I am not your hero”. Staying with you I have realised that I can’t be good to each and every person in the world. There are people and places where I have to show the dark side of mine. It can be a random stranger or it can be someone I use to love (you).

So, to you all reading this I must tell you what I have learnt from life – There are moments when you have to be harsh on people, that doesn’t make you a villain, but it shapes you as a man. Likewise, in a relationship too you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs. These things are meant to teach you emotional management. Unless you have gone through a breakup you don’t become fit in this survival of the fittest world.

Ya it’s true that “Wo aashiq hi kya jo ishq mein barbaad na howe”. But for a moment think about it why to say you have fallen in love. Why not say you have risen in love. This could add a different  flavor to your life. Be a hero in your own eyes. No matter what happens you should not fail being a HERO of your own life.

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The Benefits and Power of Positive Thinking



A wonderful way of determining whether you are a positive thinker is asking yourself the following question: When looking at a glass with liquid, would you consider the glass half-full or half-empty? If you consider the glass to be half-full, you are a positive thinker! On the other hand, if you consider the glass half-empty, there are many ways of turning your mind around to focus on the positive aspects of life, rather than the negative.

 What are the benefits of positive thinking?

 If you train your mind to start thinking positive thoughts, you may enjoy some of these amazing positive thinking benefits:


You will be able to cope with stress more effectively and think of positive solutions more easily. Living in the 21st century, our minds need to stay alert in a fast-paced environment, causing stress to build up rather quickly. In order to turn stress around, you need to concentrate on positive thoughts.


If you live a positive lifestyle, you will live longer than those who tend to be negative all the time. With positive thoughts, you effectively keep your mind clear, your heart healthy and your body active. To take matters a step further, with positivity, you can even make the choice of not drinking, not smoking and maintaining a balanced diet!


By taking a positive approach to life, your personal relationships with those around you will reap the positive fruit. Sending a positive vibe to others will, in turn, make them think about certain situations in a positive manner as well, thus radiating positive relations all around. It might even be a good idea to express, through your own positivity; some ways to help those around you improve their own positivity!

Concentration and confidence

Positive thinking gives you the confidence to grab every opportunity that comes your way with enthusiasm. This, in turn, will improve your concentration as you will fully appreciate what you are doing and the opportunity that has been handed to you.

Success and happiness

Being positive need not be a gruelling task. If you keep your mind clear and try to live a happy life, you will reach success more easily. Let’s face it though, no one can be happy all the time as life has a way of throwing a few curve balls every now and then but when thinking positive, those curve balls can be changed into success and happiness.

Remember that should you have a negative mind and outlook on life, don’t expect to become an optimist overnight. But with practice, your mind will contain less negative thoughts and more positive, self-sustaining thoughts. You may also become less critical of the world around you.

With only a few mind exercises a day, you can turn any negativity into positivity. It may take some time, but in the end, a positive life is a healthy life and a healthy life is a happy life!

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Failure – a myth that needs to be busted!



Have you ever heard of the saying, “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up?” There is not a person on this planet that hasn’t failed at something; no matter how good they might think they are.

While some may think that failing is a sign of weakness, I am here to tell you that the myth has just been busted! Failure is a crucial part of being human and, like it or not, failure can bring your life to a complete standstill at times. This includes financial strain, relationship issues and any other aspect of your life you are trying to make a success out of.

Why you need to fail

 In order to learn the correct way of doing something, you need to fail. That is what it is all about! Take, for example, the first step or two a baby takes. Those little feet will wobble, topple over and fall many times but in the end, those feet will learn to stand on their own. It is only a matter of learning and in order to learn; those feet need to fail first.

 What lessons do we learn when failing?

 To help you better understand the importance of failing, have a look at these lessons you learn when wanting to pull every hair from your head in frustration at failing.


When failing, you gain a huge amount of life experience. It gives to the opportunity to reflect upon the actions leading up to your failure and assists you in gathering the necessary experience to improve your state-of-mind and future self.


Knowledge is power and with power, you can do anything you put your mind to. Even though you fail a thousand times, you are helping yourself and others in the same situation gain access to the knowledge you need in order to succeed. Think of it this way; Thomas Edison didn’t invent the first light bulb by succeeding at the first attempt. It took many failures and many setbacks in order to create something we nowadays almost can’t live with at all!


When you fail and get back up, you are not only giving it another try; you are growing as a human being. If you want to improve your standing, you need to grow, reflect and give yourself room to make a few mistakes along the way.


If you don’t fail, you will never learn what the true value of succeeding means. Value is something you learn when failing and it gives you the perspective to revisit your end goal. By adding value to your failures, you can take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one; thus making success easier to reach!

Remember that failure is never seen as a complete fail unless you get back up and give it another try. With that being said, failure turned into positivity is not a failure at all. The only failure that keeps you seeing things in a negative light is a complete fail. So get back into your saddle as the failure myth has just been busted!


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