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What Deposit Is and What it Is Not10



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Vo, Jo Sirf Sapno Mai Aati Hai !



Intezaar to tha hi unka,
Saath mai talash bhi thi.
Aakhir ek din to aaenge hi,
Dil Mai ye aas bhi thi.

Yaad to naa aati unki,
Kyon ki unko ab tak bhul hi na paaye the,
Vo chaand si chamak, vo Surya si urja,
Uss khubsoorati ke Swarg se nikal hi na paaye the.

Ab chehre pe to kya hi likhu,
Shabd thodi sundarta ko samjha payenge.
Saamne jo aajaye kisike,
Unse nazre bhala kaise hata payenge?

Aawaz to aisi hai maano,
Koyal se meethe bol kehti hai.
Kitna bhi bol jaaye, par yahi lagta hai,
Vo itna chup-chup kyo Rehti hai?

Par ab to intezaar bhi lamba ho rha hai,
Talash bhi khatm hone ko aayi hai.
Na jaane kitne hi mausam beet gaye lekin,
Unse ek bhi naa mulaqat hone paayi hai.

Magar sabr ka fal meetha hota hai,
Isi soch ke saath hum bhi jeeya krenge.
Ek din to mulaqat hogi unse,
Iss iltejah ke saath, unhe yaad hi kr liya krenge.

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My to be Girlfriend



Yes it’s time for me to start looking for someone. So, my to be sweetheart be ready coz I have started to look for you. I am finally done with the girl who preferred money over love. Yes it took me quite a bit of time to make up my mind for someone else. 3 years to forget the one whom you consider the love of your life is a healthy amount of time. But then yes the good part for you my to be girlfriend is I have taken the first step towards you. I don’t know what you might be doing right now, where you might be or perhaps even if you would be considering dating an average guy like me in future. But yes my to be love, I’m waiting to encounter the breeze of fresh air which carries your love all the way to Kolkata.

I have a lot in my to do list in store for you. To begin with, firstly the good morning msgs/callls…. video calls when my extra wala love can’t just keep me satisfied with texts or voice. I have already started saving my data balance Airtel provides me in my postpaid plan to have a lot of video calls with you.

Next would be asking you what you’re wearing to office and suggest what should I wear. I presume, you must be having a better dressing sense then me. Yes my to be girlfriend I would no longer ask my roommate what should I wear to office. Once we are done with getting ready according to what we consider best for the day for each other, exchanging pics would be final thing to do before leaving for office.

Next in my to do list would be our talks audio or audio plus video talks in Uber/Ola which we take to our respective offices. Obviously this would repeat in our lunch break n evening tea break session. It would be awesome if you’re gonna be from Kolkata and who knows you might be having your office near around mine. We could meet and have lunch together in my office occasionally when circumstances permit. I know em going way beyond normal limits but who knows this might be possible.

Next would be our life after office. Like I said previously if you’re from the city of joy we could have regular meetings whenever possible. If not,multimedia will have to shorten the dooriyan between us. Next, after going to our respective dwellings we would talk until we are ready for sleep and continue the same stuff the next day.

I don’t know if em expecting too much from you my to be girlfriend but one thing is for sure, I would fill your life with all the love and happiness you so richly deserve. I hope we are lucky enough that we develop the right chemistry between us which makes a balanced equation of relationship.

I hope you do exist. I hope you’re also waiting for me in the same way like me. Come soon yaar those empty spaces in my fingers are ready to be filled with yours. Come…hold my hands and take the jouney to motherhood with me.

P.S: One request my to be girlfriend, after you come to my life plz don’t leave me. It took me 3 years to get over with my exe. I won’t be able to handle another breakup.

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