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Finding Love

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Posted By Saurabh Jain

I didn’t found that one lover
Whom I can trust blindly
I’ve found many two faced people

I haven’t found that love
Where my injury becomes her pain
I’ve found many heartless people

I tried to find that one like mad
Only one in this whole world
I didn’t found anyone
God is also not helping me
I fear of being heart broken

Please come, my dear one
Please come don’t go, my love


I look here & there
Wherever I look, I see the whole world
No one is looking for love
Everyone is interested in just the body

Someone, please find her
Someone like heer or laila
Who just talks about soul
And not about the money
Nobody is wiping my tears
When my eyes are full of tears


He says, I’m yours she says, I’m yours
People who says this with swearing
They are the first one to go
Who run away from death

Whatever time has gone by
It was full of sorrow
But now I am done
Leaving the search undone
She had to go, it was meant to be
I am happy, single and free.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Love
  1. Sanjit Gupta

    Great sir jee…

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